Me in a Nutshell

If you intend to read what I write, now and in the future, please be warned:

  1. I’m a liberal, but of the dry variety. I’m not a wet, in other words.
  2. I can’t bear touchy-feely, in my personal or professional life.  So you won’t find me waxing lyrical about stuff.  What you will find, I hope, is genuine compassion for my fellow human beings – it just won’t be wrapped in cotton wool.
  3. I try not to generalise about anyone or anything, because that’s generally stupid.
  4. I enjoy a laugh, like the next person, but I can’t stand vulgarity or lavatorial humour.
  5. I like good manners and people who play the ball, not the man.
  6. I absolutely adore Winston Churchill, warts and all.
  7. I am not blindly loyal to anyone or anything. Not even the DA, which has been my lifeblood for the past 28 years. I am leaving formal party politics and embarking on new things, which I may or may not write about.
  8. I love South Africa with all that is within me, but not as much as I love my family (certain friends ARE family, so that includes them).
  9. I cannot tolerate hypocrisy, lying, self-importance.
  10. I enjoy order more and more, the older I become – which is why I’m ending this list on ten.

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